Alfalfa PLATO




The healthy one

produces pale blue to purple flowers and has an upright habit.
Its high yields of green and dry mass, sturdiness and resistance to alfalfa wilt and clover rot make PLATO a very special plant. It is very well suited to use as fresh feed or for the production of pellets or green meal.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

25-30 kg/ha when sown alone
19-23 kg/ha when undersown in summer cereal,
25 kg/ha in a grass mixture with 6 kg/ha meadow fescue or tall oat grass, or 28 kg/ha in a grass mixture with 3 kg/ha of cocksfoot or timothy grass

Sowing period:

March to May when grown alone

Sowing depth:

1 – 2 cm


P and K according to the recommendations based on soil survey results


25 kg


Product no.: 201210