Alfalfa ORCA




The sturdy one

Is an early-cropping purpleflowered hybrid alfalfa. It puts on an astonishing amount of mass in the early stages and in regrowth, and its dry mass yields are outstanding.
ORCA produces very high yields, has a high protein content, and has abundant leaves, soft stems and is very sturdy.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

25-30 kg/ha when sown alone
19-23 kg/ha when undersown in summer cereal,
25 kg/ha in a grass mixture with 6 kg/ha meadow fescue or tall oat grass, or 28 kg/ha in a grass mixture with 3 kg/ha of cocksfoot or timothy grass

Sowing period:

March to May when grown alone

Sowing depth:

1 – 2 cm


P and K according to the recommendations based on soil survey results


25 kg


Product no.: 201200