Italian ryegrass ZEBU, t.


Italian ryegrass


ZEBU is a new tetraploid variety with improved resistance properties.
In tests carried out by the Federal Varieties Office, it was found to be the least resistant to rust diseases of all varieties tested.
ZEBU produces its highest yields in summer, which means that it gives high-yielding cuts even after the first regrowth.
Broad leaves make for rapid ground cover, and the plant's competitive capacity makes it an excellent weed suppressant. This variety is also very winter-hardy, allowing it to be used as a main crop in its second year. ZEBU has excellent feed quality. It is easily digested and very tasty, making it a premium staple feed.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

40–45 kg/ha for growing alone; 20–25 kg/ha for undersowing

Sowing period:

for growing alone in summer and autumn; for undersowing in cereals in March and April

Sowing depth:

1–2 cm


as a main crop in spring 80–100 kg N/ha, for any other use 60–80 kg N/ha,
as a catch crop 80 kg N/ha


25 kg


Product no. 104912