BG 110 Common bean mixture


Biogas express mixtures


The BG 110 common bean mixture is made up of the two varieties ANELLINO VERDE and MERAVIGLIA DE VENEZIA, which are excellent for the mixture cultivation with maize.

These varieties have a relatively late ripening and adapt to the harvest date of maize. In addition, the dry mass production is signifi-cantly higher than it is the case with varieties for vegetable production. The cultivation is possible as undersowing as well as in the direct mixture with maize in order to be able to achieve the individually best solution for each farmer.

100 % Common beans (2 varieties: ANELLINO VERDE and MERAVIGILIA DI VENEZIA)

Sowings details:

like maize pure sowing

Sowing rate:

1 unit/ha (45.000 grains)

Sowing period:

as mixture/ undersowing with maize


45.000 grains


Art.-Nr. 40153