Italian ryegrass MELSPRINTER, t.


Italian ryegrass


Early starter after winter

MELSPRINTER is a tetraploid variety and can be perfectly used as fresh feed or put into silage. In the two-year testing it impressed with high total yields. The yields in the first growth are also very good which is always important if there will be only one cut followed by the maize sowing. In addition to the excellent yield characteris-tics MELSPRINTER can convince with a high leaf health and the low susceptibility to rust or mildew.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

40–45 kg/ha for growing alone;
20–25 kg/ha for undersowing

Sowing period:

for growing alone in summer and autumn;
for undersowing in cereals in March and April

Sowing depth:

1 - 2 cm


as a main crop in spring 80–100 kg N/ha,
for any other use 60–80 kg N/ha,
as a catch crop 80 kg N/ha


25 kg


Product no.: 100122