White mustard COLLINA, grade 2


White mustard


The hairless nematode reducer

COLLINA is a bred of the new generation and is morphologically characterised by its almost completely missing hair on sterns and husks. As arable crop the variety reduces very well the dangerous beet nematodes. With a very good development in the early stages COLLINA covers quickly the soil and therefore suppresses weeds and other undesirable plants.
COLLINA is very stable, not prone to flowering and not prone to lodging. These characteristics are especially important for mulch sowing.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

20-25 kg as catch crop

Sowing period:

July to September

Sowing depth:

2-3 cm


60-80 kg N/ha is essential (can be in organic form) when growing this plant as a catch crop


25 kg


Product no.: 400217