PG 8 Sheep and small animals pasture with herbs & clovers


Agricultural mixture


With ribwort plantain and forage chicory

Sheep and small animal pasture is a species-rich grassland mixture for medium to heavy use. This mixture is characterised in particular by the forage chicory (Cichorium intybus) and plantain (Plantago lanceolata) admixtures. These types of herbs are particularly important for animal health. They can prevent respiratory diseases (ribwort plantain) and gastrointestinal diseases (forage chicory).

14 % Perennial ryegrass medium, tetraploid
13 % orchard grass, late
20 % red fescue (for animal feed)
18 % smooth-stalked meadow grass
8 % creeping bentgrass
10 % white clover
9 % forage chicory
8 % ribwort plantain

Sowings details:

30 kg/ha


10 kg


Product no. 40690