Blue lupin (Sweet lupin) SONET


Blue lupin (Sweet lupin)

Sowings details:

Soil requirements:
high; prefers loamy soils that are neither too light nor too heavy that have been used to grow beet or wheat; needs a temperature of at least 4 °C to germinate, pH >6.5; not suitable for acid, heavy, waterlogged sites with high humus levels

Soil preparation:
plough and harrow; make sure that the soil is weed-free before sowing; large-seeded leguminous plants need abundant water to germinate

Weed control:
is difficult as few products are suitable; consult advisory services; mechanical control is certainly possible

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

60–80 seeds/m² when grown for seed production

Sowing period:

mid-March to April

Sowing depth:

4–6 cm


base fertiliser necessary


25 kg


Product no.: 151515