TG-13 TERRA GOLD Vegetablefit


Agricultural mixture


For complex crop rotation systems

Catch crop mixture for complex crop rotation systems that include potatoes, beet and vegetables. The dual-resistant radish reduces beet nematodes as well as gall producing nematodes. The pathogens of the rust spots are pushed back. Bristle oat reduces the free-living nematodes. Through the reducing impact on many nematodes, TG-13 is the ideal previous crop for many crops. Common vetches fix atmospheric nitrogen due to the symbiosis with rhizobia, which is available for the next cultivated crops.

Weight portion in %
35 % Bristle oat
30 % Dual-resistant radish
35 % Common vetch

Seed content in % approx.
30 % Bristle oat
60 % Dual-resistant radish
10 % Common vetch

Sowing rate:

30 kg/ha

Sowing period:

early August until early September


25 kg


Product no.: 40173