TG-11 TERRA GOLD Spreadfix


Agricultural mixture


For fast greening

Crop rotation-neutral catch crop mixture that can be sown on large areas of land using a slug pellet spreader, fertilizer spreader or in combination with a harrow, without extensive soil working. Greens fast, protects against erosion, gives the soil valuable organic mass and dies back in winter without fail. The included Egyptian clover fixes atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to the subsequent culture.

Weight portion in %
15 % Niger
35 % Lacy phacelia coated seed
30 % Persian clover
20 % Bristle oat

Seed content in % approx.
23 % Niger
34 % Lacy phacelia coated seed
40 % Persian clover
3 % Bristle oat

Sowing rate:

15 kg /ha

Sowing period:

early August until early September


40 kg N/ha


25 kg


Product no.: 40171