BG 90 Wild plant mixture, long-term perennial


Biogas express mixtures


No further work is needed in subsequent years apart from fertilising and harvesting. Dry mass yields of up to 110 quintals DM/ha are possible. The methane yield can reach approximately 300 NI/kg organic DM. BG 90 can be sown even quite late in the season, for instance after the green rye harvest.

Biennial wild and cultivated plants and long-lived shrubs

Exact composition on request

Sowing rate:

10 kg/ha

Sowing period:

May - June


1st year: 50–100 kg N/ha*
2nd year: max. 150 kg N/ha*


10 kg


Duration of use: ≥ 5 years
Crops: 1
Harvest: Aug.-Oct.

Product no. 40148

* according to N min.