TG-8 TERRA GOLD Farmer radish




For vegetable and potato cultivation

FARMER is a dual-resistant radish variety. It can control the nematode Meloidogyne chitwoodi and fallax as well as Heterodera schatii. For once this variety is no host plant for nematode of the species Globodera and others. In addition, FARMER does not increase the crop rotation disease clubroot. To control all nematodes successfully, the sowing should be done as early as possible, but not later than early August to ensure a safe reduction of nematodes.

Weight portion in %
100 % Dual-resistant radish

Seed content in % approx.
100 % Dual-resistant radish

Eradicates nematodes!

Sowing rate:

25 kg / ha

Sowing period:

early August


25 kg


Product no.: 40168