PG FU 7 Landsberger mixture


Agricultural mixture


The Landsberger mixture is a high-yielding winter catch crop mixture. The PG FU 7 is suitable for green feeding and silage production. When sown early cutting in autumn and spring in the following year. When sown late only a cut in spring in the following year is possible. After the spring cut hairy vetch and crimson clover show a limited regrowth and the Italian ryegrass takes over. In addition to the feed production the mixture serves for nitrogen fertilization of the soil.

Weight portion in %
25 % Italian ryegrass, t.
25 % Crimson clover
50 % Hairy vetch

Seed content in % approx.
42 % Italian ryegrass, t.
49 % Crimson clover
9 % Hairy vetch

Sowing rate:

60 kg / ha

Sowing period:

August until mid-September

Sowing depth:

2 cm


20 kg


Product no.: 40324