Persian clover LASER


Persian clover


Perfect for catch crop specialists

Persian clover is a species that is suitable for growing as a main crop or catch crop, either alone or in a mixture with annual ryegrass and Italian ryegrass. It is fine-stemmed, very leafy, and produces outstanding yields of protein, green mass and dry mass.

If you grow LASER, you have a choice: you can use it as fresh feed or for making silage. The key features of LASER are that it produces a dense root system, dies back in winter and leaves a very crumbly plant mulch. This active soil protection prevents damaging erosion. This soil preservation with crumbly plant residue also creates ideal conditions for mulch sowing of maize. The mixture contains 10 kg/ha Persian clover with 20 kg/ha of annual or Italian ryegrass in mixtures for dry sites. LASER does particularly well on limestone soils.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

20 kg/ha when grown alone as main crop or catch crop

Sowing period:

as main crop, late March to early April; as catch crop, July to mid-August

Sowing depth:

1-2 cm


40–50 kg N/ha in the case of a clover/grass mixture, base fertiliser according to soil survey results


25 kg


Product no.: 201513