White mustard ACTION, grade 2


White mustard


THE nematode-resistant variety

This white mustard is the fastest-developing of the approved and nematode-resistant varieties.
ACTION can thus cover the ground very quickly to suppress emerging weeds. It is also very stable, which is of great importance and advantage especially in case of strip-till. ACTION also has a low inclination to flower and in testing was the latest to flower of all approved varieties.
This combination of rapid initial growth, low inclination to flower and high ground coverage sets the course for successful strip-till.
ACTION has also proven its excellent reduction suitability in beet crop rotations. Reduction values of more than 88 % were achieved in the tests. So far, none of the varieties have scored a 1 in nematode reduction.
ACTION is one of the varieties with a very high reduction rate and belongs to the group with a score of 2.

In summary:
- very strong mass formation in early development
- very low inclination to flower
- excellent stability
- resistance to nematodes 2+

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

20-25 kg as catch crop

Sowing period:

July to September

Sowing depth:

2–3 cm


60-80 kg N/ha is essential (can be in organic form) when growing this plant as a catch crop


25 kg


Product no.: 400193