Red clover GLOBAL, d.


Red clover


An ideal ingredient for mixtures

Diploid variety for long-term perennial feed production.
GLOBAL is very healthy and protein-rich. It produces high-quality staple feed in mixtures with grasses such as meadow fescue or Italian ryegrass.
GLOBAL is robust and can therefore be cropped for two to three years.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

25 kg/ha when grown alone or in a mixture of 12 kg/ha red clover plus 20 kg/ha Italian ryegrass

Sowing period:

spring to late summer

Sowing depth:

1 - 2 cm


30 kg N/ha as an initial dose if red clover has not been grown on the site for a long time.
40–80 kg N/ha in clover grass mixtures depending on the grass proportion at
each emergence.


10 kg / 25 kg


Product no.: 202054